This last weekend we went with our families to see Ammachi. This is the first time we have received darshan, gotten a hug, from Amma since Sara and I have gotten married and started our own families. Sara and I were super nervous as to how the kids would behave, and how they would handle the certain amount of discomfort with these sort of things. The weather was hot, it’s chaotic, there was quite a bit of walking, the food wasn’t kid friendly and overall there isn’t much for toddlers to do. Also, while these sort of events were normal for us, our husbands had never been to anything like this. Lets just say that we were anticipating some culture shock from our families. However, there was a sort of grace to this visit. We received our darshan tokens right away, our kids were pretty good acting and they handled all of these elements well.

There was lots of chanting and the smell of incense was pervasive. After a couple of hours there waiting our turn, my husband, Joel says, “I don’t think this is Catholic.” In which I responded, “No honey, this isn’t Catholic, but it is still based on Love and she was with the Pope. :)” My husband hasn’t experienced any other religious events, other than Catholic ones, so this was quite new to him too.

After lunch it was our turn to see Amma. Our kids were great and we stood and approached in sweet reverence. Amma took our 3 month old son out of my husbands arms and loved on him. That was so cute and sweet. And she blessed and hugged all the rest of us too and it was amazing. I felt a huge sense of peace and love come over me.  Sara and I got to experience this when we were young and were so happy that we got to have this blessing with our growing families.  It was amazing!!

The world is so harsh and dark sometimes, that it is very important to immerse yourself into experiences of bliss and joy to remind yourself, on a deep level of the profound peace that pervades everything. That peace and joy is what is important!!! We all need a dip in the pool of God’s love, light and bliss to remind us of what is true.

Many Blessings,

Andrea Santos

Shanti Shanti


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