Meditation Popularity

Meditation has been around forever…like literally, forever. The perfect, centered mindfulness that we all aspire to is not new. In fact it is extremely old, however it is a hot topic as if it were new and fresh. I have noticed a surge of interest in the media about meditation. This is wonderful!! As people tap into their own silent, profound divinity they will have an emergence of their true self. They will have an increase in clarity, energy, intelligence, compassion and perspective.

While their have emerged lots of books, apps, techniques and ideas about meditation, the reality is that here in the west, the culture of meditation can be attributed to the TM movement; Transcendental Meditation. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought his simple, secular and approachable method here in the 60’s. Everything else is a play on this early endeavor. ┬áThere were other techniques and other teachers, but they didn’t have the impact that TM had.

My sister and I are a product of the TM movement. Our parents were Siddhas and the memories of that community heavily colored our childhood. Our parents filled our lives with celestial stories, meditation, Ayurvedic medicine and Indian food. Our love of Sanskrit and our exposure to its culture emerged out of that time. The love and appreciation of celestial experiences was in the context of meditation and a conscious lifestyle. So when I see all of this interest in meditation, it makes me smile. I hope meditations newest fans get as much joy out of the practice and the culture that it came from, as my family has.  May they let the Light fill them and their lives.

Peace be with all of you!


Shanti Shanti

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